These kits contains the basic elements that your body requires, and the bottle is small and fits easily in a pocket. The temperature strip is easy to read and the heat pack lasts for up to ten hours.


The kit comes ready to use out of the box and contains an adjustable comfort waste band, pre-mixed toxin-free urine, an easy to read temp strip, and heating pad.      

Our dehydrated urine kit  utilizes proprietary techniques to ensure both freshness and consistency. the urine is stored in two small, air proof, waterproof, vials..

The concealed strap is the most practical choice when it comes to a fake pee strap holder. This will make it very easy for you to perfectly conceal whatever it is that you would like to remain hidden. 

What is Synthetic Urine?

Toxin Free

Rather than creating urine naturally within the body, Clean & Pure has discovered a way of manufacturing synthetic, unadulterated urine in a lab atmosphere.  This procedure has a very desirable outcome which produces sanitary, fresh urine that has no toxins and is pH balanced, as well as possessing all the common traits of natural urine, Including uric acid.  Clean & Pure Synthetic Urine is a reliable alternative to using ordinarily occurring urine that has all the same characteristics of normal urine so that there is no detectable difference between authentic and synthetic.

Our Products:

  • 2oz Pocket Kits
  • 3oz Pocket Kits
  • 3.5 oz Pocket Kits
  • Refillable Belt Kits.
  • Concealed strap
  • Dehydrated Urine
  • Empty Refillable kits


Fetish Novelty's                                       

Clean & Pure Synthetic Urine is widely used by the fetish population.  Clean & Pure Synthetic Urine is a wonderful alternative to natural urine due to certain health risks. Normal urine has contaminates, while Clean & Pure Synthetic, Sanitary Urine mimics regular urine in a way that gives one a wholesome opportunity to act out your most intimate, sexual fantasies without the health worries of being exposed to tainted urine.

​Pocket Kits

                  2oz ,3oz, 3.5oz

Dehydrated Urine

  Concealed Straps

Not Just a Quick Fix!!!

Clean & Pure Synthetic Urine is a price-efficient way to have a reliable urine monitor which gives harmless testing means that imitates the properties of ordinary human urine.  This lab created synthetic urine can be used to ensure the accuracy of urine testing tools.

Lab Tested